SCS supporting Toorak College Boarders…..

I used Student Concierge for the first time at the end of 2016 to remove and store the girls belongings. The girls in the Boarding House had never had to remove their belongings over a term break before and this caused some significant issues in terms of thorough cleaning, security of their belongings and sheer volumes of what was being kept in their rooms and around the house. Initially there was kickback from the girls and their parents because it was change and it was different but the benefit far outweighed the angst. The maintenance team were able to get in and fix all of the little issues, the cleaning team were able to do a thorough deep clean and I knew that when external groups used the building my girls belongings were safely stored offsite. Their privacy was protected and it meant that a lot of unnecessary items were removed from their rooms and the Boarding House. A fresh, clean start for 2017!

Danielle and her team were fantastic! Incredibly organised and response times were very fast even for my annoying little questions. The removal was quick and did not disrupt the end of year activities at all. Student Concierge is a very professional organisation and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Caralyn Dea
Head of Boarding, TOORAK COLLEGE

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